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Life IS a Journey


Posted on : 9:57 PM | By : Michelle Stinson Ross | In :

Sure, I know we've all heard that one.  But I do think it's all about how you take it.  Are you going to be the type to grumble your way through life, impatiently asking, "Are we there yet," until you take your last breath and arrive THERE, the end of the mortal journey? Or, will you slow down long enough to take in all the sights, sounds, and smells along the way, maybe even pause to converse with the people you meet along the way?

Now I'm no different than most people.  I have my days when I really want to blurt out, "Are we there yet??!!!" because for some reason I or someone close to me has yet to learn a simple life lesson.  And, then, I have my days when I really enjoy putting one foot in front of the other just to see where the sidewalk goes.

At this moment in time I have my mom to join me on the journey for a few days.  No matter what the weather, we are going to Key West to see whatever there may be to see.  I intend to take lots of pictures and soak up every experience I can.  I plan to turn the next couple of days into a couple of amazing chapters in the novel I'm currently writing.

Where is the journey taking you over the next few days?  Are you going to blaze through it and hope it's over soon, or are you going to take the moment to really live?

Yes, Life IS a journey.  Let's live it up!

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